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From singing gospel music with her parents to 15 years working as Music Director in two churches, Kathe's musical roots
emerge from her deep-seated acknowledgment of Jesus Christ as her own personal Savior.  Reaching out to
others in an effort to comfort or enrich their lives through meaningful religious music is a natural
expression of God's love, which Kathe feels compelled to share at any given time.  She adds
, "...however, I do feel that God gave us the
gift of ALL music, with the intention that even secular music can make a positive difference in folk's  lives.
 It has potential to reach
many  who choose not to listen to sacred music, for whatever reason.  Examples:  "Don't Laugh At Me" ( Mark Wills ),  "The Little Girl" (John
Michael Montgomery) and "He Didn't Have to Be" (Brad Paisley).   I have always felt that giving the listener a positive message
(in whatever "form"  he will hear it),  is better than having no positive message reach him at all. "

Concerning criticism, Kathe says,"Criticism is just a part of life.  Everyone you meet doesn't encourage your efforts.  Some will even
willfully try to discourage you.  They may even sabotage your efforts.   But I make it a habit to always listen to the voice of God
within my heart, knowing that I'm not perfect
either, and that I can only try to forgive others as God has forgiven me.
Loving others
'because of' something they've done or said is easy,  but loving others 'in spite of...'  is THE TEST!."

The “nameless” voice of Kathe Knight has been heard across the airwaves through her singing of
nation-wide commercial jingles. Her extensive experience as vocalist, keyboard player and songwriter has brought many
performance opportunities, from live TV, stage and recorded media to having been the opening act for more than a dozen of
country music’s legendary performers.  "Sharing the stage with superstars like Sawyer Brown, Kentucky Headhunters,
Jeanie C. Riley and many other stars, Kathe says, is quite an honor.  Although they do enjoy their fans'
allegiance, they are always quite personable to those of us with less than superstar status.  Most of them will  
modestly acknowledge the fact that many fine musicians have just not been as fortunate as they have."

About herself, Kathe says,  "I love people, I love music and I never take an audience’s presence for-granted,
given today’s almost endless entertainment options.  So I work hard on stage, in the recording studio
and as a songwriter too, hoping to give the listening audience a musical gift that they will remember.”

...."He'll never have to know the way you make me feel...,but I will."

Kathe's Latest Radio Single
"I Will"

Writers: Michael P. Heeney/Liz Rose; Producer: John
R. Craig; Publisher: Sony-ATV, BMI; TAM

—Intimate sounding. Her soft, delicate delivery focuses your
attention on the very well-written lyric of considering
cheating by picking up a stranger in a bar. In addition to her
fine performance and the song craftsmanship, the track also
benefits by being produced with crystal clarity. Lend this your
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REVIEW of Kathe's "I WILL" from Nashville's

Robert K. Oermann is a longtime contributor to MusicRow. He is
a respected music critic, author and historian.
TAM Records Recording Artist
Singer and Songwriter

TAM Records presents Kathe Knight's latest album, PEACEFUL EASY
FEELING.  Titled for the Eagles cover tune, it contains five songs you
probably know, (covers) and seven originals. Songs written by Kathe &
producer John Craig are:  THE RADIO MAN, OUTTA MY HEART, HELL
MUST'VE FROZEN OVER AND the funny song about family life, ZIP IT UP
"Kathe Knight" is a pseudonym for Kathe Hicks Beaver

If the song is not playing, click here.

...From Kathe, personally...

I am a product of God's forgiveness,
unworthy at best!   I have no
hidden agenda for being involved in music performance, or for being here on
this website.  It is not my intention to appear boastful or proud, so please do
not judge me harshly.  I am happily married to my teenage sweetheart, am a
Mom of  three and a Nana of  three; all precious blessings!  My passion for
music is strong and fulfilling,
yes, but it does not compare  to the words,
"I love you"  from my family!   

In all honesty, many have advised me to carefully guard my maturity here;
being  true  to  myself  is  more  important  than  vanity.  I  believe that
music,  itself is more important  than age or demographics,  Quite to the contrary, however,
and c
onsidering the possibility of becoming better-known, the major record companies do not
agree.  Their A&R people are
not interested in signing mature women to recording contracts,  
("mature" meaning over 30),
(with the exception of Global Superstar, Susan Boyle, of course. Her
controversial Cinderella story proved to be a win/win venture.  Good for you, Susan!

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"Bitter or Better?"

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LINK:  The TRUTH:  Continued on the following page, if you are interested
in reading more about My Own Personal Music Journey...

Basically,(and like most everybody), I just want to be loved
and respected ...,and I hope to be remembered in a positive way.  
Please give me and my music a fair chance.
Kathe Beaver